To Tea Or Not To Tea

I’m guilty of eating between meals and at half past three everything stops for tea!

Its National Afternoon Tea Week in the UK a National event I feel compelled to join in. After all, it is a very British affair and we do, quite frankly, do it the best.  I spent last week in London meeting friends over tea, I achieved a new record; 4 afternoon teas in 6 days.  How fitting for Tea week! It feels apt to share some scone highlights and tea favourites, One gorgeous tea review at a go…. Kicking off with……

Afternoon Tea Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory @One Aldwych £34.50 per person, alternatively you can opt for an add on (as I did, and would recommend) of Lallier Grand Reserve Champagne at £45 per person. There is also a Charlie Cocktail option which had many takers.

One Alywych had me at the menu! Inspiring they promised and inspiring it was. Who doesn’t have fond memories of Roald Dahl’s classic characters?!

IMG_0014 IMG_0003 IMG_0036 IMG_0015 IMG_0038 IMG_0018

The contents of the menu continued to be inspiring and transported me back to my childhood; candy floss, eton mess, chocolate eggs! Glee. The Tea Selection was full of fruity options, I chose the Jewelled Apple and was not dissapointed. It aimed to transport you back to the days of sticky, crunchy toffee apples and it really did.


No afternoon tea is without its sandwiches and savoury. I say upfront however in my opinion they are not the highlight of this tea. Its about the Sweet. A good range nonetheless for vegetarians and pescatarians as the only land animal was the Roast beef sandwich (resembling a chocolate brownie) which wasn’t really to my taste, a bit too rare for my liking but probably the way it should be.


Now for the ultimo magic, the Sweet round. What a display, quirky, imaginative and highly attack worthy. We ate it all without any pause. I cannot say any particular item was standout as they were all superb! We left nothing but a few crumbs behind us. Like a big kid the homemade pear drop & rhubarb candy floss got my attention first and then the Golden Chocolate egg filled with vanilla cheesecake and mandarin. The Chocolate Caramel Milk helped wash down the divine Eton Mess and Lime, Coconut, White Chocolate pop.

IMG_0013 IMG_0028 IMG_0031 IMG_0033 IMG_0040

I normally eat scones before the Sweet Round however this time they came third and rightly so after that display. That said, the scones were good and came in a bread basket accompanied with a blueberry brioche and the best Cocoa Bean Financier I have ever eaten.


If like me Roald Dahl sits very fondly in your childhood memories then this tea is worth your time. Perhaps even a visit to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical running across the road would be a fun joint trip.

One Aldwych have aced their tea service, they are attentive and warm which is not always a London norm. The theme is wonderful and full of magic and sparks. Overall, a fun sweet filled day at a price that is competitive to the main high tea flyers in London. Go!


Watch out for the second scones write up….featuring one of my favourite Drawing rooms in South Kensington!

11 thoughts on “To Tea Or Not To Tea

  1. I didn’t know it was National Afternoon Tea Week! My daughter has also recommended the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Tea ay OneAldwych, I think a trip to London might be on the cards soon 🙂


  2. Wish I knew of this a few weeks ago when I went to see the musical. How perfect it would have been to couple it with the Afternoon Tea.
    The sweets sound REALLY sweet though; were they? If not, I might have to go anyway.


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