Come Lay my Table

A Passion for Table Styling combined with my love for entertaining and cooking for friends has spurred my own range of eclectic and casual home dining themes.

If you enjoy putting a little fun and beauty on your dinner table then I hope my collection will spur you on to celebrating home dining with a little finesse and fun!



  1. Its all in the “little details” as many of us know but how do we actually create a special dinner table setting without feeling overwhelmed? Well there are several things you could consider but foremast I always say #TableFirst i.e –  lay your table before you start cooking and getting the house all flustered with the smells of your kitchen!
  2. Think about the guests that you are entertaining, what would be impressive or fun for them?  elegant settings? quirky designs? eclectic mess? an oriental collection?
  3. Punch with a Personal Touch – don’t fall for the trap of buying expensive tablewear, buy dining gear that appeals to you. For example: If you don’t like the look and feel of cloth napkins or the fact that they need cleaning, ironing and a real skill of folding then DONT buy them – opt for fun tissue napkins!